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Fuck you very much

I, along with most of the dispatch office staff, was handed this today at work.


I realise that a taxi service is not considered the most professional of businesses; but, I deserve better than to have a joke, a contest, and a punishment all made out of a raise that they won't even give me unless I sign a paper that says it's okay for them to treat me as even more of a joke than they already do. I do not deserve to be punished for the mistakes that others are making.

This is vile - on top of the array of labour law violations these people daily thrust upon us. We don't get scheduled breaks, not even for meals. We aren't allowed to have any reading material at our desks. And now this.

I am outraged in a most precise and disgusted fashion at the moment. I feel sickened.

Either give me a raise, or don't. But don't insult me with something like this. I am not going to beg for such a paltry sum, then spend my work day agonising over being nickel and dimed by my own workplace.

I am not signing it.

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