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All Missed Up

I don't like the title "Miss". It's so... extraneous (especially at my age), and even remotely demeaning, as if my name were not a sufficient thing.

Yet my bank insists it's necessary for the name field of my cheques. I've had to call and ask they remove it - again. What's more, I can't use the check-out on Yves Rocher's website, because it requires that I choose a title. You're just mailing me something (in this case, shampoo and lipstick) - why on earth would you need to know any aspect of my lifestyle choice, marital status, or what I do for a living?

As a 42 year-old single female, I find it a wholly and completely unnecessary linguistic and cultural affectation - unless you're a 12 year-old girl and it makes you feel important. I've got better ways to define myself than such a title as this, Miss.

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