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I have just returned (a few hours ago, at this point) from the First Communion of my oldest friend's daughter. A simple ceremony in a comfortable church, and a large dinner reception after at a local restaurant that specialises in Eastern European cuisine.

I have seen some of the people that were there, my friend's family, off and on at various functions for the past twenty some-odd years - including adults that were small children when I first met them. That's a bit disconcerting, in a pleasant way, to see these people with their own children, their own adult lives, when your remembrance of them is so different.

I have no real contact with most of my own family - for reasons of choice, circumstance and proximity. Some of them are just too far away to see, and the ones that are not are people I'm just not close with. So, as I ate dinner today, I was thinking about that - thinking about how enjoyable it is, however infrequent, to have these family events, to have people come together to celebrate something, to eat together, and to be included.

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